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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my domain name conflict with a registered trademark?
A: Trademark Your Company's Name or check the Trademark
Q: Why does my browser tell me your site is not secure because of an expired certificate when you say it is?
A: This is a browser Y2K browser bug -- or as Netscape, Microsoft, and Verisign like to call it, an "issue." The problem is that the browser reports a Verisign secure server certificate as expired after December 31, 1999 when in fact it is not the site's certificate that is expired but instead the browser's certificate.
The issue affects Netscape version 4.05 and earlier (all platforms) as well as Microsoft IE 4.5 for the Macintosh. In the case of Netscape, you can ignore the warning and hit continue. You can then continue with your secure order without problems. Your transaction will still be fully encrypted even though the browser doesn't make this clear. In the case of IE 4.5 for the Mac, the problem cannot be ignored. You must upgrade your browser to the current version at Microsoft's Web site.

Current versions of the browsers do not have this "issue"

Q: What is the least or most number of years I may register my domain name?
A: In the fall of 2007, InterNIC developed the schedule below:
1 year - $17.95 per domain
2 years - $33.95 per domain
3 years - $47.95 per domain
5 years - $74.95 per domain
10 years - $145.95 per domain

Q: Did the payment process change?
A: Effective 9/11/99, you must pay for the domain at the time of registration. The new purchase process will discourage "cybersquatters" and other speculators who register Domain Names under false pretenses merely to make them unavailable to others. The benefit to legitimate Domain Name registrants is clear: thousands of Domain Names will be returned to the market as these non-paying entities are weeded out of the system.
This means you will no longer receive an invoice for the domain name, but will pay for it at the time you order it.
Q: I received confirmation from DomainRegister that you received my order, but it's taking longer than I thought it would for my name to be registered. Why? How long should it take?
A: The process usually takes between 1 hour to 24 hours.
Q: Can I register my domain name in .com, .net & .org?
A: Yes, Many people register their name in all 3 extensions (.com, .net, .org) to create a stronger online identity and keep your competitors from using it. Search for all 3 at once using our Global Domain Name Search.
If you select this option, each is a separate domain name and must be paid for as such

For some people/companies it is advantageous to register the name in .info, .biz, .us and others as well. You must decide if this is right for you.
This is recommended if your domain name is your Trade Mark name.

Q: The domain name I want is not available, but there isn't a website for it. Why?
A: Many people register a domain name in anticipation of putting up a domain website. They may not be ready for their website at this time, but they may still own the domain name and are under no obligation to put up a website using the domain until they are ready.
Q: I just registered my domain name through Domain Register, and received your confirmation email that my domain name is now mine. But when I do a search on my domain name, it still shows as available. Why?
A: The domain name does indeed belong to you, if you received a confirmation email from us. However, the 'viewable to the world' InterNIC database doesn't update instantly. When you search for your domain name's availability 24 to 48 hours after you've received our confirmation email, it will then show as unavailable to anyone else.
Q: I received a fax/email from a company stating someone has applied for the .net version of my .com domain name and I have until 5pm to register the .net with them before it's gone. Is this a scam?
A: This scheme is a scam. Someone either registers a domain name or they don't. There is no waiting period after someone applies. This company is preying upon the .com holder's fear that someone might pick up the .net or .org version of their name.
This fraudulent scheme was highlighted in a news report on either Good Morning America or Ahead of The Curve on CNN.
You are free to purchase or not purchase the .net version of your domain name if you wish, but don't let anyone pressure you into it by telling you someone else has applied for it! It's just not true. They are being deceptive.
The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop and avoid them. To file a complaint, call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357), or use the online complaint form
Please see this article about the government shutting down companies that are involved in this type of scam.
Q: I registered my domain name through Domain Register, and now I need to activate my website. I understand it's also called website hosting. What do I do?
A: Please consider us when you're ready for your website to be activated. Our monthly hosting fees start at a low $14.95/month! Our customer service and ancillary web services are designed to make life on the web as easy as possible for YOU. More information is available on these services HERE We provide these services through our parent company, Franklin Communications Services. Please feel to take a look at the many companies/individuals who utilize our services. We work with folks from all over the world!
Q: I registered my domain name through Domain Register, and now I need to activate my website through my local provider. What do I do?
A: Please see the instructions in your confirmation email concerning the transfer of your domain name to your web host provider.
Email us the information we requested and we'll get your transfer completed.
We respond to these requests promptly!
Please plan ahead in transferring your domain name to your web host provider, it can several hours for the domain name to transfer and between 12 and 72 hours for the new information to propogate along the internet.. Remember, there are no transfer emergencies if you plan ahead!
Q: I registered my domain name through Domain Register, and now I want the domain name to point to my assigned IP address for either my home computer or server. What do I do?
A: Please see the instructions in your confirmation email
Email us the information we requested and we'll get your transfer completed. We respond to these requests promptly!
Q: Does my domain name have to be in all capital letters?
A: No, your domain name is case insensitive. It could be all lower-case (, all upper-case (MYDOMAIN.COM), or a combination of cases (MyDomain.Com).
Q: Can anyone initiate a change through the InterNIC? What if someone initiates a change on my domain name that I don't want?
A: Yes, a request for change can be initiated from anywhere. That's why it's important for you to email Domain Register to expect the change request. If we receive a change request without prior notification from you, we will deny the request, in order to prevent someone from hijacking your domain name.
Q: I'm not going to activate my domain name for some time, is that okay?
A: Yes, your domain name may remain 'parked' at our DNS servers until you're ready to use it.   There is no charge for this 'domain parking' service, or your courtesy "Coming Soon" page.
Q: I already have a non-domain website. Can my domain name point to it?
A: Yes. It's called Web Address Redirection or Domain Address Redirection or Domain Forwarding or URL Redirection. This allows you to set up a domain name and direct it to your existing website. You can use your domain address ( and virtual email addresses ( on your business cards and letterhead. When viewers enter your domain address they will automatically be redirected to your existing website, without you having to relocate your existing site. This is an easy, affordable option for folks with existing websites that may be free or very inexpensive!
We offer two versions of this option, one with domain email and one without.
Please CLICK HERE for more information.
Q: I just want to use my domain name for the email address. Can I do that?
A: Yes. We can set up your domain name for your virtual email. You can use your virtual email addresses ( on your business cards and etterhead. Your virtual email address will redirect to your 'real' email address. This works in much the same way that a personal 800 telephone number, must be directed to ring at a 'real' phone number. This is an easy, affordable option! The price is the same as Web Address Redirection. Please CLICK HERE for more information.
We are also seeing more families using this option for their personal email. Families may be scattered geographically, and utilize many different ISPs for Internet connection. Sometimes it's cumbersome to remember all the different unmemorable email addresses. In this case,,, is set up and forwarded to the proper ISP mailbox.

This option is also available for POP domain email

Q: I want to use some of your services noted above, but I don't want to use my credit card. Can I do that?
A: Yes, you can. We accept money orders. (US dollars only)
We no longer accept checks
Print out the completed order form for the service above that interests you. Mail it with your payment to:
Domain Register
PMB 307, 518 Kimberton Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Q: I want to create my own website for my domain, where do I start?
A: Some good starting points are here Other website building links are also provided at our parent site, Franklin Communications Services.
Q: I've registered my domain name, and created my site. How do I get people to know my site exists and visit it?
A: An excellent beginning site to learn about promoting your site is PROMOTIONescort.Com.
Q: Can I get a .edu domain name?
A: The .EDU domain is reserved for 4-year, degree-granting colleges and universities. Each college or university may register only one .EDU domain name. Graduate programs, remote campuses, etc., annot obtain a .EDU domain name of their own.

If the organization that is registering the domain meets this criterion, they must provide a brief explanation of the kinds of degrees awarded before a .EDU can be considered.

Please see to register .edu domain names.

Q: I called your office with a question about my domain name and you returned the call in email, why?
A: Our official mode of communication is email. All questions concerning your ownship of a domain name or transfer of your domain name can be handled very efficiently and promptly via email communication.

We also have no way of verifying identity via telephone, but we do via email.

Q: How do I find out all the domain registries world wide?
A: Click here for a list of world wide domain registries.
Q: I want to transfer my domain to someone else. How do I do that?
A: Please email us for details..
Q: I already registered my domain name, but now I've changed my mind and want a different name. What do I do?
A: Once a domain name is registered, it cannot be changed. However, you are not obligated to renew your ownership of the name when your initial registration period is over. Additionally, you may register a new name if you wish.
Q: I have questions not answered here
A: Please email us! We will respond promptly with your answer!

Domain Register allows people, on a global basis, to search for available .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .asia, .eu, .am, .ag, .at, .be, .bz, .cc, .ch, .co,,,, .cx, .cz, .de, .fm, .gd, .gs, .hn, .in,,,,,,, .la, .lc, .li, .me, .mn, .mobi, .ms, .mx,,,,, .pl, .sc, .tc, .tv, .tw,,,,,, domain names. We perform a 'whois' in a user-friendly format. Once a desired available domain name is found, Domain Register allows people to order their domain name registration with the InterNIC on-line. This is also called URL registration, web name, website name, custom domain registration, dns registration services, net names registration, internet identity registration, or even sometimes internet business name registration.

Click here to see the list of U.S. States and Countries with which we've done business registering domain names!

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